Turmeric “Mylk”

You won’t ever buy hot drinks from over-priced coffee shops again…

Squash & Chickpeas Curry

As delicious as it sounds from the ingredients list!

Jacket Peanut Butter Sweet Tater

A jacket potato with a difference… And healthier too!

“Cocotted” Cream

An animal-friendly alternative to clotted cream…

Congolais (Coconut Macaroons)

Super quick to make for your impromptu tea-time visitors!

Scones… Animal-Friendly Scones

No animal was harmed in the making of these scones…

Banana Cake, Vegan-style

The super tasty banana cake I got for my birthday!

Mushroom & Tomato Quiche

You don’t need to break any eggs at all to make a tasty quiche…

Sweet Potato & Peanut Butter Gratin

Sweet potato and peanut butter, or why life is so worth living…

Tommy’s Birthday Vanilla & Apricot Cake

The easiest cake you can make. Ever.

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