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I first heard of Dr. Michael Greger on the internet and watched a few videos on his not-for-profit website Essentially, he is a Medical Practitioner specialising in nutrition and what he likes to spend his time doing is reviewing the thousands of nutritional studies that get published year in, year out, and letting the […]

This is essentially a nutrition bible for anyone, not just vegans, which answers every question one might possibly have about what to eat and why. I haven’t read it cover to cover in that I read all chapters but for the ones that really don’t apply to me at all at this moment in time […]

I read this book at school in between parents’ appointments on Year 10 parents’ evening. I only teach 6 kids in Year 10. It took me 20 minutes to read it. All that to say, I was sorry I had spent £3.49 on it because it seriously lacks depth and substance. Once you’ve read the table of […]

I like the full title: The Marie Antoinette Diet: Eat Cake and Still Lose Weight. This book is all about how you can eat cake, and still be healthy and even lose weight; so, all in all, quite my kind of literature. It’s not rocket science: if you have cake for breakfast, you need to make […]

I’ll have to comment on whether this method is good or bad for your health only after I have given it a try. Updating this in six months, then! However, I can honestly say that the ‘research findings’ parts of the essay are really good to read and informative, for someone who likes keeping up-to-date […]

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